Save up to 50% on annual electric supply costs* with Nexamp Community Solar.

This 50% savings opportunity, made possible by the Illinois Solar for All program, is available to qualifying Ameren electricity customers based on their annual income.   

Benefits of Community Solar

Save up to 50% onannual electricity supply costs

No long term contracts or cancellation fees

No rooftop solar panels required

No credit checks

Stay with your current utility company

Support local clean energy

 Want to learn more? Enter your zip code below so we can confirm we have a solar farm in your area. 

You’re eligible for a 50% discount if you meet one of the following requirements:

1. Earn less than the qualifying income amount for your county. Click here to confirm the qualifying amount where you live. 

2. Receive benefits from a qualifying third-party program such as Medicaid, SNAP, LIHEAP, or HUD Rental Assistance. (See below for full list of qualifying programs) 

How Community Solar Works

1. Subscribe to an upcoming solar farm in your community

2. Once it's built, clean energy flows into your utility grid

3. Receive community solar credits for your share of the energy on your utility bill*

*Credits will appear on your utility bill 2-3 billing cycles after the farm goes live. Once you receive the credits, you’ll start to pay Nexamp at the discounted amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Community Solar work?

It’s simple. Your Ameren account will be linked to Community Solar with Nexamp. Nexamp allocates a share of their community solar farm to match your electricity usage. This generates solar credits that appear on your Ameren bill, reducing the amount you owe. Nexamp bills you for these credits at a 20% or 50% discount. 

How do I qualify for the 50% discount? 

Eligibility is based on your annual household income. To view the eligibility requirements, visit When you get in touch with us, Nexamp will help you determine if you’re eligible for the 50% discount. 

Does it cost anything? 

There is no fee to join and no upfront costs. You’ll receive a monthly bill from Nexamp for your discounted credits. If you decide to cancel at any time, there is no fee. 

Do I need solar panels on my roof? 

No, you do not need any solar panels on your roof. The panels are all on our community solar farms. 

Will I continue to receive a monthly bill from Ameren? 

Yes, Ameren will continue to be your utility provider and send you a monthly bill on which you will see your Nexamp credits. Nexamp will send you a bill for the discounted credits after they are applied to your Ameren bill. 

A trusted provider

The flexibility is fantastic...It's been easy. That's what we expected, and that's what we got.

– Aldo and Elaine, Nexamp Subscribers (MA)

Ready to get started? Want to learn more?

Enter your zip code below so we can confirm we have a solar farm in your area. 

*Discount applies to the Ameren Purchased Electricity Supply Charge only, not to transmission or delivery fees. Your payment is equal to the value of bill credits, assuming the Ameren Purchased Electricity Supply Rate, minus your discount of 50%. Ameren customers who are not eligible for the Illinois Solar for All program will receive a 20% discount.  

Qualifying programs are Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Medicaid, HUD Project-based Rental Assistance, HUD Project-based Vouchers, Illinois Housing Weatherization Assistance Program (IHWAP), Income-Eligible Multifamily Energy Efficiency Programs, Tax-subsidized Multifamily Programs, and Illinois Affordable Housing Act. 

The Illinois Solar For All program is administered by Elevate Energy on behalf of the Illinois Power Agency, an independent state government agency. Click here to learn more.

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